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Charity Nerds works through donations. That means two things. First, we donate new and used video games and consoles to hospitalized kids. The way we do that is through donations from our givers.

What Your Gift Means

Your gift brings comfort and joy to a kid.

An extended stay in a hospital is hard. The stay itself is isolating and lonely. Hospitals are great for care and treatment, but no kid should feel confined to a building or a room. Along with that, treatment can be scary and painful.

A child is always growing, and they don’t get to press pause on that while they’re in a hospital. Playing is natural, and it’s vital to normal development.

Beyond that, video games let a kid be a kid again. They let them play, explore, and learn.

What Your Gift Provides

– A gift of $25 provides one older or used video game.
– A gift of $50 provides a new video game.
– A gift of $75 provides one older or retro video game console.
– A gift of $400 provides a new game console.

Explore our store to see exactly what your gift provides. And check out our Gamer Groupies! You can earn tokens by donating, volunteering and spreading the word. Then, cash in your tokens for free Charity Nerds swag!


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