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Improving The Lives Of Children Through The Power of Play

Imparting The Joy Of Giving To All Ages

Charity Nerds was started by a kid who loves video games, and it’s a perfect opportunity for both kids and adults to give back. Whether it’s by donating financially or participating in one of our tournaments, Charity Nerds transcends generations and encourages young gamers to get involved.

Our Mission

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How it Works

  • Collect We collect money from video game tournaments and donations and new and used consoles from generous gamers.
  • Buy We use the money we collect from tournaments and donations to purchase the video games and consoles to give to kids in need.
  • Give We give the video games and consoles to hospitalized children undergoing treatment to help them connect with family and fun.
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Play in one of our tournaments to help raise money to buy new video games and consoles!

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Sponsor Charity Nerds so we can use the power of play to improve more lives!

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Volunteer your time with Charity Nerds and help us reach as many kids as possible!

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