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We donate new and used video games and game consoles. That works in a few ways, and it’s all thanks to our incredible donors and sponsors.


We hold video game tournaments that give kids of all ages the chance to come together and have a great time. The proceeds from those tournaments allow us to buy and donate games and consoles.

We also have individuals and businesses who help by either contributing with donations, or by giving either games or a console via our online store. That way, our givers know exactly what their donation means, and how it’s helping a child.

We also collect gifts of used consoles and games. It’s super easy for our gamers to give by donating the games and consoles they don’t use anymore.


With the money raised from video game tournaments and online gifts, we purchase the video games and consoles that will go to hospitalized children.


We give the video games and consoles to children who are being treated to help them connect with family and fun instead of difficult circumstances through the power of play.

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Helping Kids Level Up

Charity Nerds donates new and used games and gaming consoles to hospitalized children to provide an escape from the psychological and physical effects of their treatment, and to help them and their families cope with their healthcare experience.

The Power of Play

play-iconPlay is a natural part of childhood and is vital to normal development. Playing allows children to explore the world around them, to learn, and to develop the mental and physical capacities to function normally, during their hospital stay and when they come home.

heart-iconVideo games give children the opportunity to express and process their healthcare experiences in a safe, non-threatening environment. They can explore worlds, experience stories, and use alternate lives as an outlet, all from a hospital room.

familyFamily time can be in short supply during an extended hospital stay. The family moments we take for granted – family dinners, family car rides, even family TV time – can’t always happen during long stays. Family game nights improve interaction while undergoing difficult times.

recoveryThe use of video games provides therapeutic play in hopes of aiding recovery time. Having fun and enjoying an activity makes a real difference, not just in improving a child’s stay, but possibly in getting them home quicker.