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Gamer Groupies are our awesome supporters who make everything we do possible through donations, volunteering, and spreading the word.

We like to reward our Gamer Groupies for everything they do. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to become a Gamer Groupie
  2. Earn tokens by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word
  3. Level up and join new leagues just by earning tokens
  4. Cash in your tokens for swag!

Earn Tokens

Action Tokens Earned
Make a Facebook status promoting Charity Nerds (tag our account!) 50
Make a Twitter post promoting Charity Nerds (tag our account!) 50
Share a Charity Nerds Facebook post (this can be tricky to monitor with privacy settings, so let us know if you do this!) 50
Donate $10 100
Volunteer 1 hour 100
Refer a friend who donates at least $10 100
Distribute Charity Nerds promotional material to a classroom, organization, church group, etc. (materials must be requested) 200
Host a Charity Nerds party 500


Level Up

Tokens League Bonus Tokens
500 Silver League +50
1,000 Gold League +100
2,500 Crystal League +250
5,000 Master League +500
10,000 Champion League +1,000
25,000 Titan League +2,500
50,000 Legend League +5,000


Redeem Tokens

Item Cost
Sticker 100 Tokens
Pen 100 Tokens
Sunglasses 200 Tokens
Water Bottle 300 Tokens
Drawstring Bag 400 Tokens
T-Shirt 500 Tokens
Hat 500 Tokens
Phone Case 600 Tokens
Sweatpants 800 Tokens
Sweatshirt 1,000 Tokens
Backpack 1,200 Tokens
Free Tournament Entry 2,500 Tokens


In addition to earning tokens to redeem for swag, anyone who reaches Champion League or Titan League will receive website recognition. Anyone who reaches Legend League will receive permanent premier website recognition.