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We all have busy and often stressful lives.  The daily grind can be draining and meeting all of our obligations often requires us to maintain focus on our own challenges.  Little things will sometimes gently pull our attention away from our routines – the Salvation Army donation kettle during the Christmas holidays, a change donation box at our favorite restaurant, or an online crowd funding campaign.  We momentarily move our focus away from our own lives to help others.  Good people want to help others in need – it’s part of what makes them “good.”  But while these momentary nudges are effective, they are also fleeting.  We immediately return to our daily grind until something else pulls at our heart strings.  There is nothing wrong with this.  People are helped by this generosity.  But if you want to make a bigger impact you should follow your passion.  Combining your desire to help people with whatever you are passionate about is critical to create a continuing motivation.  Maybe, like me, your passion is gaming.  Finding ways to help those in need through gaming will excite you and keep you much more involved in charitable activities.  Your passion could be related to helping a particular cause that is personally significant to you.  We have all been touched by cancer in some capacity.  If cancer research is what you are passionate about, focus on ways you can make a difference.  If you were in the military, find a way to help a vet.  There are thousands of legitimate non-profits across the Country which means you can most likely find one that lines up with your personal interests.  If you can’t find one, then start one.  You will find that your passion and your desire to help others will form a symbiotic relationship, each improving and sustaining the other.  As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Now go follow your passion and help me change the world.