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One of Our First Donations


One of our earliest donations came with our partner University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect one.

This Cortes family had been staying at the Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida for three months. Mom, Dad, and four kids came, along with a newborn that had come with premature delivery and other complications. It was a tough time for the family, who has been away from their home for quite a while.

Charity Nerds stepped in with our first donation to help make their stay a little easier. The family absolutely lit up when they received it!

When we talked to Mom, we learned that she had had a childhood illness that had kept her in the hospital for an extended time. She recounted her experiences being bored, with nothing to do while undergoing treatment for months. She wished she could have something to do during that time, and was so appreciative that we were helping do something about just that.

It wasn’t until afterwards that we learned that recently, the family’s home had been struck by lighting. In addition to huge damages, they had lost all electronics- including TV, and all video games. The four children were especially devastated, but with our donation and the support that made it possible, they’ll be able to work their way back through a tough time back to a life of joy.