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Video games are all about connection, and so are we. To make those connections happen, we rely on individuals and businesses to become a sponsor.

Charity Nerds’ mission is to help kids connect with family and fun instead of difficult circumstances through the power of play. We welcome businesses and individuals who connect with that mission and want to help further it.

Charity Nerds runs on the support of those who think like us. That’s true at every level. On an individual level, we’re helping bring comfort and joy to kids during joyless, scary, even painful experiences. The support of businesses and individuals like you help make that single connection that can spark a smile.

On a larger level, we partner with hospitals to help them support their patients. The support of businesses and individuals like you helps make big things happen.

Your Brand and Charity Nerds: A Powerful Team

We’ll work with you to tailor your sponsorship package. Our goal is to provide the biggest impact possible to as many kids as possible, and to help you leverage the opportunity for your brand.

Contact us for more information on sponsorship opportunities.